Our services

In school

We provide sex-ed classes from age 4 till age 18. Beyond health issues we work with various topics such as body image, self-awareness, love, intimacy, relationships and also how to prevent yourself from being victim of sexual abuse. We use non-formal pedagogical methods based on democratic values. Instead of giving lectures we learn together how to share values and opinions and how to accept each other.

Teachers’ training

The main goal of the training is to provide a basic introductory methodology and a set of self-reflection skills for teachers who might deal with sensitive, sex-related topics in schools and similar institutional environments. Our goal is to help participants to find ways to integrate these methods and exercises into their daily work in schools. With my colleagues we offer this training both in Hungary for Hungarian teachers or internationally.

For professionals

We offer in-service trainings and case discussion sessions for professionals such as teachers, trainers and youth educators, counsellors, integration workers, health workers, social workers, job consultants, sexual supervisors and disability consultants. On these occasions professionals can get () sex and gender related information, ( )gain a better understanding of sexuality in their professional life and () encourage their self-development and communication skills.