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OMGYES.com – women’s pleasure demystified

The taboo around women's pleasure isn't helping anyone. Let's get it all out in the open. With new research, new openness & new technology Forrás: OMGYES.com - women’s pleasure demystified

Pedagógusképzés: 2016 április 22-24

Szexuális nevelés az iskolában – Módszertani képzés (30 kreditpont) Helyszín: Budapest Időpont: 2o16. április 22-24 (péntek-szombat-vasárnap)     Az Európa Tanács Pestalozzi Programjának keretében, gyakorlati tapasztalatokra kidolgozott 30 órás módszertani képzés hazánkban hiánypótló. A képzés egy olyan átfogó, pozitív, modern iskolai szexuális nevelési program átadására készít fel, mely támogatja a fiatalokat a szexuálisan egészséges és tudatos felnőtté válásban. […]

Healing Abdominal Muscles After Pregnancy

Source: Healing Abdominal Muscles Afterhealing-abdominal-muscles-after-pregnancy Pregnancy

The BODY project

BODY - Body Ars Erotica Foundation was involved in a two-year Grundtvig project (www.bodyproject.eu) funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. The BODY project had the overall aim to explore how our perception of the body and body-related themes such as health, disease, gender, age, sexuality and disability is influenced by cultural differences and on the same affects our intercultural communication. Partner organizations in this project have been involved in research and training activities in the intersection of cultural diversity and body (Elan Interculturel) gender (MHTConsult, CESIE, Elan Interculturel, Ars Erotica Foundation), disability (KVG), and sexuality (Ars Erotica Foundation, CESIE, KVG.). It is our common observation both in research and training that factors related to the body and gender become ‘sensitive zones’ in cultural contact zones. Yet the resources available – both theoretical and practical – are rather scarce. Engagement in an applied research on cultural differences in gender, body and sexuality and the translation of the results into applicable training materials and trainings is in line with our strategic objectives.